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Violations Of Probation/Termination Of Probation in Sacramento, CA

Often a person sentenced for a criminal charge in California will be placed on probation.  Probation, at a minimum, requires that a person stay of out trouble.  Often, a probationer is required to attend classes, pay restitution, stay away from persons or places, drug test, perform community service, report to probation officers, and more.

If probation alleges you failed to follow the terms of your probation, they may petition the court to violate your probation.  If you are found in violation of your probation, you could be facing a longer period of probation, additional requirements, jail time or more.  You are entitled to a hearing before a judge, who will decide by a preponderance of the evidence if you violated the terms of your probation.  Law Offices of Leslie R. Ramos has handled many of these types of hearings and allegations. 

Law Offices of Leslie R. Ramos provides aggressive defense to probation violations.  If you are facing a violation of probation, contact Law Offices of Leslie R. Ramos right away.

If you are currently on probation and are looking to terminate your probation early, contact Law Offices of Leslie R. Ramos.  Early termination of your probation will help eliminate the risk of a violation of probation and can help you expunge your record earlier.  Call Law Offices of Leslie R. Ramos and discuss confidentially if a request for early termination of your probation is appropriate for you.


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