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Leslie Ramos first began practicing criminal law in 2006. She focuses exclusively on criminal defense. During her years practicing she has handled thousands of cases. She has guided and assisted many clients through their first arrests or for charges related to minor crimes, such as petty theft, traffic matters, or a first-time driving under the influence allegation (DUI).

However, she has successfully handled much more serious matters, including sex, gang or weapons charges and strike offenses. If you are charged with domestic violence type crime/crimes or a DUI, Leslie Ramos is the right attorney for you because she has handled hundreds of these types of allegations, and knows the best defenses and tactics pre-trial and in front of a jury.


Leslie Ramos graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2004. She obtained her law degree from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, in Sacramento, California, graduating With Distinction. While in law school, she participated in the Moot Court Competition Team and Student Bar Association committees. She was also A Comment Primary Editor and Staff Writer for the McGeorge Law Review. She was published twice, including her article, Beyond Reasonable: A Constitutional and Policy Analysis of Why it is Necessary and Prudent to Allow Nonprofits or Health Care Agencies to Distribute Sexual Barrier Protection Devices to Inmates, 39 MCGEORGE L. REV. 329 (2008). While in law school, she began honing her skills as a criminal attorney while helping indigent defendants with their criminal cases.


Leslie was name in The National Trial Lawyers' 2015 Top 100 Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers. While she is passionate and dedicated to all aspects of her practice, Leslie Ramos prides herself as a skilled trial attorney. She has taken close to thirty jury trials to verdict, with overwhelmingly successful results.

Years ago, Ms. Ramos obtained a not-guilty verdict on her first DUI trial. She was pleased to receive this letter last year from a grateful client who wanted her to know that he had maintained his sobriety since 2008, the time he was arrested.

"During lunch recess on the third and final day of my trial, it came to my attention that I was Leslie R. Ramos’ first DUI client. That news was slightly unsettling. Up to that point things did not look so great.

After all, at the time of my arrest, I had significant levels of alcohol and drugs in my system. I failed many of the Field Sobriety Tests. Testimony had me failing into a sink, while incarcerated, due to lack of balance.

She told me during lunch that I would have to take the stand if I hoped for any chance of avoiding a guilty verdict. I followed her “suggestion” although reluctantly. It turned out to be a good call.

Her closing argument augmented with visuals was more than impressive. She painted the courtroom with reasonable doubt.

The Verdict: The jury finds the defendant ******** not guilty. ******* you are free to go.

I cried. To be found not guilty in Placer County, the most difficult locale to challenge a DUI case in California is more than fortunate. On her maiden Driving Under the Influence Case, Leslie R. Ramos exhibited not only skilled legal prowess; She also had the presence and ability to keep me calm and relaxed pre and during the trial.

You will not find representation in a DUI Case superior to Counselor Ramos."

More recently Leslie Ramos was proud to successfully defend a man at jury trial, who was charged with domestic violence, leading to great bodily injury, a strike offense. Despite negative testimony from officers and the alleged victim, a woman significantly smaller and with hearing loss from the incident, the jury hung and the case was dismissed. If he lost, her client faced several possible years in prison.

Whatever your needs are, whether it is getting the best possible deal, litigating suppression issues, or defense at jury trial, Leslie Ramos knows how to get it done. She welcomes your call to discuss her expertise and how she may help you with your legal situation.

This testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.


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